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What's On...May

Pied Wagtail in Flight: Wayne Brace

Our outings this month lend themselves very well to an array of photography genres, including; coastal, woodland, nature, and wildlife.

This months topic for the summer challenge this month is Transport. Whether it be trains, boats, cars or any other form of transport that catches your eye, submit your images via photo entry by 31st May.

Thank you to Wayne Brace for the image above Steve Hatch for this months cover image, both beautiful examples of the kinds of images you might capture during one of our evenings below.


6th May - Arlington Court

Join us as the sun sets over Arlington Court’s woodlands. Bluebells carpet the forest floor, their vivid indigo blooms creating a mesmerizing scene. Wood anemones add to the charm, while ancient oaks cast intriguing shadows. And there it is—the grand vista of bluebells, stretching like an azure sea. Bring your cameras, wide-angle lenses, and tripods—we’re ready to capture nature’s quiet marvels.


13th May - Ilfracombe Torrs

Ilfracombe Torrs, known as The Seven Hills, offers fantastic views of the stunning coastline. Our lens will capture the panoramic vistas that stretch both east and west along the coast. To the west, Bull Point beckons, while to the east, Ilfracombe unfolds before us, extending all the way to the mystical Exmoor.

Keep an eye out for the remnants of an old limekiln. These historic structures once burned limestone and coal brought over by boats from South Wales, producing lime for soil improvement and mortar for building. Imagine the stories these stones hold!

Capture the rugged beauty, crashing waves, and timeless allure of the seascape. Our lenses are our brushes, and the canvas awaits. May this evening be etched in pixels and memories alike!


20th May - Barricane Beach, Woolacombe

Barricane Beach, nestled at the far northern end of Woolacombe, offers a secluded haven for photographers. Its sands, adorned with exotic shells like cowries, tell tales of transatlantic journeys. The rocky outcrops create intriguing compositions, perfect for capturing the rugged beauty of the coastline. As the sun dips, the seascape comes alive, with the potential of a beautiful sunset casting its magic on both land and water. This is also a great spot for rock-pooling, capturing intriguing imagery of reflections from the surrounding rocks and the skies above.


27th May - Wistland Pound Reservoir

Wistlandpound Reservoir is nestled on the edge of Exmoor National Park, this tranquil haven invites you to explore its woodland-fringed shores. As you wander along the two main paths, keep an eye out for wildfowl, perhaps even a great white egret. In spring, vibrant orchids and rosebay willowherb add a splash of colour. This is a photographer’s paradise, offering an array of beautiful vistas at every turn!



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