Competition Rules and How to Enter

All entries must be entirely the work of the individual photographer including any added elements or textures.

In submitting entries for Club competitions you agree to make them available for selection for any external or inter-club competitions, and for inclusion within the Club's website and/or social media.

Work of any age is allowed provided it has not previously been entered in Braunton Camera Club competitions, although members are encouraged to enter recent work.

No photographs may be entered for more than one competition with the exception of the Print and DPI of the Year competition in which 3 print and 2 DPI entries per member are allowed, chosen from the current year’s previous competition entries.
Entries in each section must be significantly dissimilar from others in the same competition, or any previous competitions.  Members may enter prints and/or DPIs

Entries should be handed to the Competition Secretary on or before the closing date for each competition as shown in the programme.  No late entries will be accepted. 

Please note:  Failure to observe these rules will result in entries not being accepted.
Failure to resize files correctly will also result in entries being rejected.


Up to 3 prints per member.

Each print can be of any physical size or proportion as long as it is individually mounted on the correct size piece of card.
Each print must be securely mounted on card that is exactly 40cm x 50cm.  Card can be of any colour. Window mounting can help prevent damage to other members’ work but surface mounting is perfectly acceptable.  On the rear of the mount in the bottom left corner should appear the entrant’s membership number (not name) and a title, but no print number, e.g. Member 23, Blue House.

 A digital copy of the print entries should also be provided as described below - see "preparing files for submission on a flash drive"

Up to 2 DPIs per member, unless the competition is DPI only and then 3 DPIs per member will be accepted.
These digital files should be saved as a JPEG of high quality correctly resized and submitted on a flash drive, as described below- see "Preparing  Digital Files for submission on a flash drive"


​​Preparing Digital Files for submission on a flash drive

The following mode of preparation is necessary for the scoring and recording software used by the Club. See also the image below, which illustrates the requirements.

















Create a folder on the flash drive named exactly as follows:

Firstname Secondname Member x Competition-name
e.g. John Smith Member 21 open 1

Within this folder create two subfolders named as follows:


Firstname Secondname Prints and Firstname Secondname DPI
e.g.  John Smith Prints and John Smith DPI


(Please note that the software objects to empty folders, so if you are only submitting DPIs then do NOT create a PRINTS folder and vice versa.)

Print Entry Digital Files: 

The digital files that accompany print entries should be left at their original size and resolution, saved as JPEG, named 01 Title , 02 Title and 03 title ( e.g. 01 blue house02 green tree, 03 yellow beach ) and placed in the Firstname Secondname Prints folder.

DPI Files:

DPI digital files should be RESIZED to 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high and saved as high quality JPEG.  Portrait orientation images should not exceed 1200 pixels in height.  The resized files should be named in the same way as described for print files e.g. 01 blue green abstract , 02 tall abstract  and saved in the Firstname Secondname DPI folder. 


Audio Visual Files: The AV should be prepared in appropriate software but file sizes should be constrained to 1024 pixels by 768 pixels at 72dpi.