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Below are links to resources that offer advice for some of those popular photography genres and locations we enjoy when we meet-up.  Further down the page are links to the various photographic societies.

Architectural/Urban Photography - useful for Appledore, Barnstaple, Bideford, Ilfracombe, W-Ho!

Advice in this article includes focusing on patterns, details, colour, graffiti, looking up, shooting fisheye, looking for reflections and shadows, working with angles, etc:

See also the zoom recording by Richard O'Brien on Architectural Photography and Editing (members only).

See the section on Street Photography below for more tips for these locations.


Bluebells and woodlands

This article has some great tips for capturing beautiful bluebell shots, including recommended equipment, settings, and composition. It also includes some stunning inspirational images:


You can find some tips for boxing actions shots here:

Food Styling:

Club members can access the recorded zoom talk by Donna Crous.

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM):

An article by club member Amanda Smith:

Club members can also access her recorded zoom talk.


16 essential tips for great outdoor photography

Article by Digital Camera World


7 Simple Tips for Landscape Photography I Wish I Knew Earlier

Video by Nigel Danson


5 Editing Hacks That Will Transform Any Landscape Photo

Video by Mark Denney


Motivation and Creativity in Landscape Photography

Article by Adam Burton




Slow Water article by Sue Shreeves: 


Top tips for capturing skater images:


Street Photography:

If you're shy when it comes to street photography and taking pictures of strangers, try these 3 tips:

This video from Brian Lloyd-Duckett has some top tips on street photography in small towns, including examples from a small seaside town in North Wales.

Alf Myers recorded zoom talk on street photography is also available for access by club members.

An article by club member Vicky Dyson



For some top tips for capturing great sunsets, including experimenting with bracketing, check this out:



Click on the link for 8 top tips for taking surf photographs from the beach:

Waterside (harbours, bridges, rivers, etc)

Taking Better Photographs on the River: This includes example images and pointers for photographing boats, bridges, reflections, close up details of boats; colours, textures, etc.

This article offers some tips for what to look out for at a harbour and how to capture great shots:


For info on how to capture beautiful wildflower images check out this handy guide:

Photographic Societies:

Western Counties Photographic Federation:

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain:

International Federation of Photographic Art:

This site provides links to many useful photography websites, with a wide variety of topics:

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