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What's On...June

Updated: Apr 13

Pink Fantasy - Mandy Dee

Looking forward to another packed month of photography based events in June.

This months topic for the summer challenge is Teams. Submit your images via photo entry by 30th June.

Thanks to Belinda Morgan for our cover image (Tututulips), the image above by Mandy Dee, and to the authors of those shown in the gallery below .


3rd June - Braunton Burrows

Braunton Burrows, nestled on the North Devon coast, is a captivating blend of vast sand dunes, rich flora, and abundant wildlife. As a UNESCO Designated Biosphere Reserve, it boasts 470 species of rare plants, including the elusive water germander. Keep an eye out for Devon Ruby Red cows, remnants of WWII training, and the concrete landing craft used for D-Day practice. An evening in June promises a canvas of colors and intriguing photo opportunities.


10th June - Croyde Beach

The sea is typically a hive of activity in Croyde on Mondays evenings. The surf life savers have training night and other clubs have meet-ups. If the conditions are right you might have the chance to photograph surfers in action. And, for added spectacular, the sun goes down right next to Lundy Island! Last year club members captured fantastic surfing and sunset images, with and without filters.

Tips for surf photography, including; action, non-action, telling a story, etc:


17th June - Appledore Quay

Appledore Quay on a hopefully balmy June evening. This charming fishing village at the confluence of the Taw and Torridge rivers offers a delightful blend of architectural gems—think weathered doors and inviting windows—against a backdrop of bobbing boats. Tourists meander along the quaint harbour, creating candid moments ripe for our lenses.


24th June - Hunters Inn

Hunters Inn, nestled in the lush Heddon Valley of Exmoor National Park, awaits our photo club. The wooded slopes offer dappled light and intriguing textures, perfect for capturing the interplay of shadows and foliage. Meander along nature trails, where wildflowers bloom and birds flit among ancient trees. Don’t miss the tranquil gardens, a haven for macro photography—bees on blossoms, dew-kissed leaves, and delicate spiderwebs. As the sun sets, the woodland charm comes alive, inviting you to frame its secrets through your lens.



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