Annual Awards

The gallery on this page showcases the images presented with awards of Print of the Year 2019/2020 and DPI of the Year 2019/2020. Images awarded prizes for challenges throughout the year can be found at the links below. Details of how to prepare images for the club competitions can be found here.


Open Competition 2 DPIs

Open Competition 1 DPIs

Mono DPIs



Open Competition - prints

Open Competition - DPIs

Urban Landscape - DPIs

Urban Landscape - prints

Mono DPIs

Abstract DPIs

Landscape DPIs

Landscape Prints



Print of the Year 2018/2019

DPI of the Year 2018/2019

Open Competition - prints 

Open Competition - DPIs

Landscape DPIs

Mono DPIs


Print of the Year 2019/2020

Print of the Year

1st: Point to Point - Noel Goldsack

2nd: Watch Me - Diana Betham

3rd: The Old West Pier - Susan Shreeves

Highly Commended: Bideford - George Brown

Commended: Not in Full Control - Diana Betham

Commended: Fairfield Church - Mike Brown

Commended: Wringcliff Beach - Susan Shreeves


DPI of the Year 2019/2020

1st: The House on the Beach - Susan Shreeves

2nd: A Nice Cup of Tea - George Brown

3rd: Hand Rolled Cigar - Noel Goldsack

Highly Commended: Captured Unaware - Vicky Dyson

Commended: Puttsborough and Baggy Point - Roger Hoad

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3rd: Hand Rolled Cigar - Noel Goldsack