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Empty: Roger Hoad

This is the last month of our summer programme, and nothing says summer in North Devon more than the fab image above by our club member Roger Hoad.

This month we'll be going to Morthoe, Braunton Burrows, Crow Point, and Westward Ho! More details below for each venue regarding where to meet, etc. In the gallery further down the page you'll find images from club members relating to this months outings. Click on the images to see them in full size.

Links to resources (articles, videos) that might be interesting and helpful for our August outings can be found here.

The summer challenge for August is pink You can submit up to 5 images. Please email them to brauntoncccomps@gmail.com by the end of the month.

Cover photo credit: Cold Toes by Ruth George.


1st August: Morthoe Church and village

We have access to the church, so we can take images inside and in the grounds. The cemetery down the lane overlooks the sea and offers some interesting photo opportunities. There is also the option to wander along the headland and around the village. And maybe a quick refresh in the pub afterwards!

Meet from 6:30pm. Parking is available in the village car park (EX34 7DT) opposite the village shop/post office. Parking is free from 6pm.


8th August: Braunton Burrows

This is a wonderful nature reserve. It is at the heart of the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and a UNESCO designated Biosphere reserve, with a rich diversity of plant and animal life. It is recognised as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

There are 11 species of orchids, 33 species of butterflies, and much more, as detailed in this article, so plenty of opportunities for nature photography.

Meet in Sandy Lane car park at 6:30pm (EX33 2NX). Parking is £2.50 until 5:30pm (including a free cuppa!), free of charge after that.


15th August: Crow Point and Estuary

You can hang out at the waters edge close to the car park and capture images of activity on the estuary, or take a walk to the groynes - either via the beach or over the boardwalk. It takes about 10 minutes to get the the groynes. They offer some brilliant photo opportunities. Especially at sunset and/or with filters. Have a look at the gallery below for some example images, and read Sue Shreeves blog article on slow water for some tips.

High tide is at 9:21pm. Sunset is at 9:03pm.

Parking is via the toll road, just off Swan Alley (in Braunton Marshes). There are barriers now and it's £2* to get through. Once through the barriers keep going until you get to the car park at the end. Meet at 6:30pm.

*It is rumoured to be increasing to £2.50 so bring an extra 50pm just in case!


22nd August: Westward Ho!

As a coastal village and seaside resort the Ho! offers lots of choice for photo opportunities/genres; such as beach, sunset, people, buildings, etc. Here's a large selection of images from Westward Ho! that might spark some ideas if you're looking for a bit of inspiration: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/westward-ho.html

In the resources section you'll find links for articles and videos on street, architecture, and slow water photography that might also be useful for WH. There are also images in the gallery below from previous visits.

We usually meet at the Slipway Car Park (EX39 1LL). There is also WH Main Car Park (EX39 1LG). Both are free from 6pm. Meet at 6:30pm.




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