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Updated: Jan 31

Frosty Trees - Martyn Sothcott

It's a new year and it's going to be a goody! Our Winter programme continues to bring us excellent speakers and fun activities.

This month we have a talk on Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) by our club member Amanda Smith, this is a real passion of hers. We also have a talk by guest speaker Gary Langley, on Faces and Places. Plus we have our food styling photography competition. Will we see some Donna Crous like images?? Donna did a fantastic talk for us on food styling back in November.

We've been able to record most of our zoom meetings and members can watch again later if unable to attend the meetings. If you are not a member of our club and interested in joining our talks to see what we're all about get in touch. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

* January cover photo: Paint Tubes - George Brown (3rd in phone photography competition)


10th January: Judging of the Open 2 Competition

Amanda Smith will kindly be judging images submitted by members for our Open 2 competition. She's an excellent judge, always providing very considered feedback that helps us to continue learning.


17th January: Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)

What is ICM, why use it, and how? These are questions that our club member Amanda Smith will be sharing answers to in this talk. ICM is a genre of photography that Amanda has become really passionate about over the last year or so. She will share with us the various techniques you can use when moving your camera and the effects they can create.

Update: Following her talk, we now have a blog article from Amanda, where she shares her top tips and images she has created. You can see more of her images on instagram.


24th January: Faces and Places

Gary Langley is our guest speaker for the evening. Visit Gary's website and you will find galleries of fantastic images of, as suggested by the title of his talk, faces and places! Check out the monochrome images of the cathedrals and landscapes, they are stunning. As are his portraits. https://www.garylangley.co.uk/


31st January: Food Styling Judging

Our winter photography challenge was food styling, following a talk by Donna Crous (recording available for members if you need some reminders and inspiration). This will be judged in-house.

NB: Please send your images for this challenge (up to 3 x DPI) to the competition email address by 30th January.


Recently we had a phone photography competition, judged in-house using a voting system. The gallery below showcases those presented with awards.


Competition Deadlines

We have one competition hand in date this month:

30th January: Food styling

Submit up to 3 x DPIs. The recording for the Donna Crous talk is still available if you want to rewatch it for tips.

Please email your images to Pete at the competitions email address: brauntoncccomps@gmail.com


External Events/Resources

Camversation is an online resource and they have lots of great events in January. For example, on 26th January is a talk by Jack Perks on The Diary of a Wildlife Photographer.


Typical cost for a talk is £3.75.

Visit the link HERE to see details for each event and book your tickets.

The RPS also has lots of talks available.

For example, on 22nd January: Moments in Nature, by Ben Hall.

Link to book tickets below. Cost between £0 and £5 (members and non-members)


Other talks can be found at: https://rps.org/search/?content=Events&events=Online+talk


If you have suggestions for other events please add them in the comments or in the WhatsApp group.


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