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Updated: Jan 25

Photo credit: Ruth George - Skyline (awarded highly commended in the summer challenge)*

This month includes talks from external speakers and club members. We will continue with zoom calls on Monday evenings for now and still arrange to get together on extra curricular outings. If you have ideas for meet-ups shout out on WhatsApp or email Sue Shreeves: brauntoncameraclub@gmail.com

If you are not (yet!) a member of our club and interested in joining our talks or outings get in touch. Our zoom meetings are recorded and available for members to watch again later.

* In the gallery below you'll find the winning images from the August summer challenge (Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside) and the main summer challenge (Skyline). Click on the expand button in the corner to see the images in full.

** October cover photo credit: Noel Goldsack, taken on club meet-up in Appledore.


4th October: Fungi and Phone Photography (Zoom meeting)

Mandy Dee is our in-house fungi expert. She will be sharing her fungi knowledge and showing images taken on Lundy, her garden, and various locations across North Devon. Did you know there are over 15,000 species of fungi. 660 of which can be found on Lundy, and Mandy has spotted 75 so far in her own garden.

Our club member Martyn Sothcott takes amazing images with his phone camera. This evening he will demonstrate the settings and features he uses on his phone to compose and capture his images. He will also share the tools he uses to edit images taken with his phone. Very useful for our upcoming phone photography competition.

NB: Hand in deadline for the Open 1 competition (3 x DPIs)


11th October: Invited Speaker - Polina Plotnikova (zoom meeting)

Polina Plotnikova is a 'picture maker' and loves to create her own images. "While fully appreciating the 'what you see is what you get' approach, I am much more interested in chasing an ever-elusive image that appears in my mind's eye, an image that conveys my feelings and emotions, rather than remains a mere statement of fact. My favourite photography subjects are: flowers, still life, and also capturing my impressions when travelling". She also creates amazing images with dolls as models. https://www.polinaplotnikova.com/


18th October: Invited Speaker - Alf Myers (zoom meeting)

Alf Myers will be sharing his expertise in street photography. It is a genre that inspires other areas of photography for him. "Urban, street and candid genres of photography are where I started and grew up. However, it is the world of Street Photography that inspires me and helps to give a style to my portraits and weddings. I love to capture the feelings people have and translate them into the images I produce". Check out his images on his website: https://www.alfmyersphotography.co.uk


25th October: Open 1 Competition Judging (zoom)

David Gibbins will be judging the entries for the Open 1 competition.


External Events/Resources

Camversation is an online resource and they have some great events in October including:

Landscape Editing on Wednesday 13th

A Taste of Wales on Tuesday 19th

Art of Composite on Wednesday 20th

My Journey So Far on Wednesday 27th.

Visit the link HEREto see more details for each event and book your tickets.


If you have suggestions for other events please add them in the comments or in the WhatsApp group.


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