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Updated: May 13, 2021

Monday Meet-ups

All being well, we'll have enjoyed getting back into the swing of our weekly meet-ups during April and be ready for some more photographic adventures this month! Below are the details of the meeting points and links to resources that you might find useful. There are no meetings scheduled on the bank holidays (3rd and 31st) but if you do fancy meeting up with club members pop a message on the WhatsApp chat. The gallery below shows a few images from Westward Ho and the Valley of the Rocks, taken by Sue Shreeves and George Brown.

At the end of the month is the hand in for the first of our Summer Challenges. The subject for the May challenge is Empty. You can submit upto 5 images. Please email them to Sue by 31st May (sueshreeves@btinternet.com) and she will pass them onto Mandy to select her favourites.

2nd & 10th May:

Loxhore - Bluebell Woods

Our first club meet-up this month is in Loxhore for bluebell photography. Bluebells can be tricky to photograph for several reasons, e.g. the low/dappled light in the woods, the multi layered aspect of the flowers, etc. This article has some great tips for capturing beautiful bluebell shots, including recommended equipment, settings, and composition. It also includes some stunning inspirational images: https://www.alanranger.com/blogs/top-tips-for-photographing-bluebells

Times and Directions:

On Sunday 2nd May meet at 3pm. Meet at 6:30pm on Monday 10th May.

If you’re using satnav put in the postcode for Loxhore Church (St Michaels): EX31 4SS

Just before you reach the church you’ll see a cottage on your right with a large barn opposite with a parking area behind it. Park in there.

To get to the woods, turn left out of the car park main entrance and take the path that runs along the side of the car park, which brings you to a field. You'll see a well worn path across the field, slightly to the right, leading to a gate with a sign about the woods. Go through the gate and there you should be met with a lovely carpet of bluebells!

For more detailed information, including map, photographs and directions to Loxhore from Blackmoor Gate and Barnstaple click here.

17th May:

Westward Ho! - 6:30pm

As a coastal village and seaside resort the Ho! offers lots of choice for photo opportunities/genres; such as beach, sunset, people, buildings, etc. Here's a large selection of images from Westward Ho! that might spark some ideas if you're looking for a bit of inspiration: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/westward-ho.html

In April we shared resources for street, architecture, and slow water photography that might also be useful for WH: https://www.brauntoncameraclub.co.uk/post/what-s-occurring

24th May:

Valley of the Rocks (EX35 6JH) - 6:30pm

A great place to practice your goat photography skills! 😆 And if you like pictures of goats you must check out the Lynton Goats Facebook page, which also includes an album with some fab pictures of the coastline and rock formations: https://www.facebook.com/TheLyntonGoats/photos

External Events

14th May 2-4pm

RPS Online: I Didn't Know Lightroom Could Do That - Joe Houghton (Cost £1-£3)

"As a long time user and Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom, Joe has found lots of hidden tricks which most people have no idea Lightroom can do".


17th and 23rd May

Bratton Down Racing - Point to Point

Our members have enjoyed these events before and taken some award winning images. Races start at 5pm on 17th May and 2pm on 23rd May. For full details check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BrattonDownRacing/

26th May

Creative Composites

Photography workshop with Glenys Garnett. Starts 19:00. Cost = £3.75

Full details on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/1hec3OYmj


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